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 * 各種ネットワーク機器のパスワードリカバリ方法 [#w5264cae]
 ** Foundry [#sb8da481]
 + 起動して直ぐに 'b' をタイプ
 + プロンプトで 'no password'
 + 'boot system flash primary' と入力し、firmware を boot
  hostname>Enter 'b' to go to boot monitor ...
  boot system flash primary
  boot system flash secondary
  boot system bootp
  boot system tftp file_name
  ip address
  ip default_gateway
  BOOT MONITOR> no password
  OK! Skip password check when the system is up.
  BOOT MONITOR> boot system flash primary
  BOOT INFO: load from primary copy
  BOOT INFO: code decompression completed
  BOOT INFO: branch to 04001500
   SW: Version 07.3.03T12 Copyright (c) 1996-1999 Foundry Networks, Inc.
       Compiled on Jul  6 2001 at 17:27:41 labeled as SLB07303
   HW: ServerIron Switch, serial number 14d88a
   400 MHz Power PC processor 740 (revision 8) with 32756K bytes of DRAM
     8 100BaseT interfaces with Level 1 Transceiver LXT975
     0  uplink interfaces
   256 KB PRAM and 8*2048 CAM entries for DMA 2, version 0807
   128 KB boot flash memory
  4096 KB code flash memory
  2048 KB BRAM, BM version 02
   128 KB QRAM
   512 KB SRAM
  Octal System, Maximum Code Image Size Supported: 1965568 (0x001dfe00)
  The system : started=cold start
  FSecure SSH is included in this product
  No password has been assigned yet...
 ** Cisco [#sc98b1be]
 ** YAMAHA [#rac5b269]
 ** NEC [#k0cb066a]
 ** DELL [#j5b4935f]
 ** HITACHI [#f38b26a6]
 ** Alaxala [#g8c15fdd]
 ** ExtremeNetworks [#n44fd56d]
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